Safe Box

In order to supply the essentials needed by banks, offices and private companies, TAPCO has localized, designed and produced all kinds of safe deposit boxes. In general, safe deposit boxes in two series, 2-key and smart, can be offered to our valued customers. In the 2-key safe deposit box series, a customer key and an operator key are required to open each lock.
But in the series of smart safe deposit boxes, the details of the person applying for the fund are registered in the system, which includes personal details, the duration of the contract, and the person’s fingerprints. When using the cash register, the system issues permission to use the relevant cash register intelligently by matching the person’s fingerprint. And the customer will be able to use the cash register by carrying his key. In addition, all operations along with the exact date and time of use will be recorded and reportable in the system. Tapco safe deposit boxes can be ordered with various technical specifications. Including the type of door and frame that can be ordered in aluminum or steel. Also, the arrangement of the boxes in terms of the number of large, small and medium sized boxes in each block can be customized according to the customer’s request.

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