Arya Peyvand Trading Company with the abbreviation TAPCO was established in 2013 as one of the Nikan Holding companies in order to supply essentials and equipment for public and private organizations and has succeeded in providing competent services to many organizations, banks and private companies. has been

TAPCO’s activity consists of three areas:

1- Trading and importing all kinds of paper, including thermal paper, all kinds of glossy paper, silicone paper (label sole), as well as all kinds of inner board or FBB and all kinds of coating and paper cutting machines.
2- Importing all kinds of bank cards and carrying out card personalization, importing all kinds of raw materials for the production of PVC cards.
3- Designing and producing all kinds of smart safe deposit boxes to equip bank branches and public and private collections.

Topco products

Paper, cardboard and related machinery
PVC cards
Safe Box


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